Thịt Kho Trứng

Hai - 400 x 468Caramelized country-style pork ribs and duck egg simmered in a rich broth & served over rice


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EMERYVILLE (near Stanford & San Pablo Ave) – Pick-up address provided upon Order.

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Ask any Vietnamese child what food mom makes most often for them at home … the inevitable answer will be thịt kho trứng. This dish is also a classic entree during the family celebration of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

Thịt kho trứng is a basic home-cooked meal featuring “thịt heo” (pork meat – sometimes pork belly, sometimes pork ribs) and “trứng” (hard-boiled eggs) simmered in a delectable caramelized sauce and served over rice. I’ll be using the traditional duck eggs here. And, to lessen the fat content just a bit, I’ll use the tender meat of country-style pork ribs from Berkeley Bowl. This dish will include fresh Vietnamese herbs and pickled vegetables.


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